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I work with heart-centred coaches, ready to move from one-to-one to group coaching, who want to get super organised, plan, create and launch their course online to upscale their income.

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Stephanie Thompson | Stephanie Thompson Coaching
Stephanie Thompson | Stephanie Thompson Coaching New York Roof Top
Stephanie Thompson | Stephanie Thompson Coaching New York Roof Top
Stephanie Thompson | Stephanie Thompson Coaching

Launch Your Course online

As a heart-centred coach, would you like to increase the amount of free time you have and upscale your income at the same time? 

I used to exchange my hours for cash.  Not any more, now I have freedom and repeatable income.  And you can have it too!

How?  I swapped from one-to-one to group coaching.  I moved online and the whole world opened up to me.  My client base expanded, my income expanded, my ability to help more people expanded.  And I still had all the freedom I wanted in my week.  

I now have clients all over the globe and love every moment of my day.  It was the best business decision I ever made – moving to group coaching and automating as much as possible.

Launch Your Course online to gain more freedom

Are you ready to turn your passion into profit and make a difference in people’s lives?  Concerned about the tech?  Please don’t be, because I hold your hand every step of the way. 

If you don’t know your SWOT from your funnel, or your sequence from your swipe file, you will get all the help you need.  Wherever you are in your business journey we will work together to take you to the next step and beyond.

That’s why Launch Your Course is open to just 8 clients at a time.  So I can work with you on your business, step by step.  I have a tried and tested guide we follow, with all the supporting resources you need. 

You can self study, you can do it with me and if you really can’t face the tech, then don’t worry I can do it for you!

Launch Your Course online and share your passion with many

It may seem daunting setting everything up to share your passion online.  It may feel like you’re going back to school to learn a whole new way of working.  Don’t fret.  I will make it as easy and simple as possible for you to Launch Your Course.  I have even written a best selling book about it! 

I have worked with thousands of clients from around the globe.  That is why the Launch Your Course Academy was designed – to focus on helping beautiful, heart-centred souls, such as yourself, use your passion to create income and help as many people as possible, whilst retaining freedom to live your best life. 

Working with Stephanie


Laila Lachgar, Early Intervention Clinic says:

“Stephanie has been amazing at understanding my needs and offering solutions that allowed me to move forward with my business idea. She is very patient and asks the right questions to get you working on next steps in the business. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is planning a new business or needs support in advancing their business”.

Video Testimonial from Carol Urry,

the Alcohol Free and Accountability Coach

Helen Jane, says:

“Stephanie is a one-of-a-kind mentor and coach. She has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and skills. Stephanie is supportive, caring and patient. If, like me, you are new to building a business with ideas but no structure or systems she will help you move forward and guide you in the steps to take.  I can’t recommend her highly enough”.

Jackie Lawrence of www.p-factorcoaching, says:

“I’ve just started going through your Masterclass and I can’t tell you know helpful the knowledge you’re sharing is to me. I’m about to set up my business and this information is exactly what I need. I’m so glad I signed-up to your membership!” 

Video Testimonial from Deb Day,

the Build On Your Magnificence Coach

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