The values I live and work by:

I appreciate Clarity may not really be a value, but it is extremely important to me.  I am not one for talking for an hour to gift one sentence of value.  So being clear, concise and to the point is important to me.  I will share exactly what works for me, in clear, simple, easy-to-follow steps then it is over to you to implement.  I do offer a done-for-you service to just 8 clients if this is your preference. 

Stephanie Thompson values - Courage | Stephanie Thompson Coaching Values - Courage on purple star

The courage to take action, to grow to our fullest and fabulous potential.

The courage to share our knowledge and expertise with others, to help them live their best life, no matter what hurdles we have to overcome to do it.

Stephanie Thompson values - Clarity | Stephanie Thompson Coaching Values - Clarity on blue star

To remove the complexity.  To make the process clear, simple and very easy-to-follow.

The clarity of knowing what steps to take when, as efficiently as possible, to share our wisdom and serve our clients.  To empower all  those around us.

Stephanie Thompson Values - Connection | Stephanie Thompson Coaching Values - Connection on pink star

To build connection with your offer and community.  To support each other every step of the journey.

The connection to grow a beautiful support network within ourselves, our business and our community to learn, to grow, to share, to inspire and to motivate.

Stephanie Thompson | Stephanie Thompson Coaching Values - Confidence

To have confidence in yourself and your business, because life is too short to be miserable.

The confidence to have a vision, create a plan and work towards it with passion and commitment.  To live and work authentically and honestly.  To inspire others to achieve their dreams.

Hi, I’m Stephanie, the Ready To Launch Mentor

I am down to earth, love to smile, enjoy chatting with friends over a fabulous meal, love to cook and host dinner parties.  I enjoy going to the cinema, the theatre and knitting, boy do I love knitting!

I have two amazing daughters, two wonderful grand-children and a very caring son-in-law.  I count my blessing everyday that I still have both my parents.

I hold a multitude of business qualifications, including a Masters in Business.  I have presented my knowledge and skills on stages around the globe and I am grateful for the amazing clients I work with around the world.  I am the best selling author of “Plan and launch your coaching business in 12 steps”.   I have appeared on BBC TV and BBC Radio too. Life is pretty good, I have to say.

It hasn’t always been like that though.  I have been married twice, divorced twice neither of which I was expecting.  Between the first divorce and the second marriage, I was a single mum for eight years whilst holding down a full time job, being Chairman of the Parent Association, running the second-hand uniform shop and studying for a post graduate degree in purchase and supply.  It was in this eight year period I learnt how to juggle, to plan, prioritise, budget, stay sane and to enjoy every moment.  Yes some lessons I learnt the hard way, however I came out smiling and loving life.


Stephanie Thompson | Stephanie Thompson coaching
Stephanie Thompson | Stephanie Thompson Coaching

I worked in the corporate world of Rolls-Royce Aerospace for 17 years, followed by a period of time in the Education sector and time as a self employed business consultant too.  I grew up seeing my parents work many long hours, running their own business, growing plants for retail and then for wholesale.  It was their absolute passion and they have only just retired after 50 years in the business.  My first husband was also self employed.

Having gained experience of many different business models such as self-employed, SME and corporate enterprises, I bring a breadth and wealth of knowledge to my clients.  I bring life experiences of marriage, divorce, single parenthood, studying along side working full time, debt experience to my coaching too.  I am not a stranger to juggling time!

I enjoyed my time in the corporate world, but my absolute passion lays with helping heart-centred coaches launch their course online and realise their dream!

In addition to my business qualifications, I have ventured through my own personal growth journey to become a certified life coach in the Energy Alignment Method (EAM).

I have walked on fire (twice!), jumped off the top of a 50m pole (that was an experience!) and broken a plank of wood with my bare hand.  All in the name of breaking through my barriers and pushing boundaries.

And the more you get to know me, the more you will learn about my love of post-it sticky notes.  I was planning a new programme and my grand-daughter counted how many were over my walls – 150!!!!  Yes, I do think I might be addicted to them!

I really look forward to chatting with you and seeing if we would like to work together.  So let’s chat soon.

Courage is essential when you want to break down your barriers

Walking on fire

We couldn’t take photographs when actually walking on the hot coals.  As you can see the coals are red hot.  At an event another time I wanted to avoid walking on the coals when they had just been refreshed.  Guess what happened?  As it came to my turn they stopped me to refresh the coals!  I was so determined that I would not bottle out.  Now, as I look back, I am so pleased they refreshed the coals for me, because it pushed me through yet more of my own barriers.  If you ever have the opportunity I recommend it.  The feeling afterwards is AMAZING!

Stephanie Thompson Firewalking at Tony Robbins | Stephanie Thompson breaking down barriers

Breaking an arrow with my throat

I have to admit I was somewhat nervous when it came to breaking the arrow with my throat.  Having a arrow in that little dent in your throat and then gently stepping forwards takes some courage.  When you can do this you can do anything!

Waking on broken glass

Gosh!  I am going to be walking on broken glass.  Surely it will cut my feet.  I had walking on hot coals last night, broken an arrow with my throat and now I was going to walk on glass.  It was billed as an empowerment weekend and it did exactly that!

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