Your social media profile is very important.

When launching a course, your social media profile is the shop window to potential clients.  Also you don’t necessarily know who is looking at your social media platforms so it is important to make a good first impression.  In short, yes, an accurate and up to date social media profile is important.

With technology as it is today (the world is very small now), there is so much that can be found out about you from your profiles and public posts.  Pay particular attention to your profile on the social media platforms you are using to connect with your ideal clients.  Because clients will look at your profile before contacting you.

Things to look out for when updating your social media profile are:

  • Make sure the information is current and up to date with any qualifications you have achieved, awards you have received and even recent testimonials if there is room.
  • You want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to identify with you, so review the wording you use.  Is it very business wordy, yet you are trying to attract more spiritual engagement?  Think about the words your client would use and use them in your profile, so potential clients can identify with you.
  • Does your profile have links?  Are the links live or broken?  What does the link say?  Does that link have a social media profile?  Is that profile accurate?  Is it using the relevant wording you know your ideal client would use?

It is important to ensure that your profile is maintained too.  If necessary, put a regular slot into your diary to remind you to check every 4 to 6 months.

The aim of making your social media profile as current and accurate as possible, is to enable the client to begin the journey of building their know, like and trust with you.  If they see a post that states you are a small business coach and then your profile states you are a buyer for a chemical company, the two don’t really resonate and the client will go elsewhere.  That first impression cannot be gained back.

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