Launch your course using meditation

When I first began as an online business coach I thought it was all about step one, step two etc and no place for meditation.  I thought if I followed the “launch your course” guides it would all miraculously happen.  How wrong I was!  My change of mind began when I was watching a “look behind the scenes” training video.  To accompany it the coach sent an activation meditation to launch your course.  I will be honest, I had heard about meditations but thought it was all a case of “uuuuummmmmmms” and “aaaaaaaahhhhhhs” to strange music. The meditation this coach sent was voice-led and 20 minutes long!  On the same day Master Co sent out a 30-day meditation challenge.  I thought “the Universe is trying to tell me something here”, so I decided to give it a go.

My introduction to meditation

I began listening to the 20-minute activation meditation each morning and also the additional 20-minutes gratefulness meditation each evening.  Wow, wow, wow is all I can say.  How on earth had I never heard of this before!  My education had obviously been lacking.  My eyes were well and truly opened.  And I have continued to listen to meditations ever since.  Now I do the activation meditation every morning and I am sticking with it because I am seeing so many results and manifestations, especially as I approach a course launch.  The evening meditations I mix up depending on what I would like to focus on.  Better yet, I choose meditations that are written specifically for when you are falling asleep too.  A brilliant option, whoever came up with that idea!

Then, as if the universe was trying to tell me something more, my business coach started doing meditations at the start of each day!  She was asking us to do up to 5 minutes each day.  Well I am ahead of the game there.  I may be a novice but I am well and truly hooked.  The manifestations are phenomenal.  Aligning my energy each day and activating my energy as a approach a course launch is an integral part of my process now.

Try it yourself and see what you think.  Let me know what you think, it has certainly made a difference for me.

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