I believe thousands of heart-centred coaches are suffocating their potential income, because they are either fearful, overwhelmed, frustrated, disorganised, procrastinating, lack a clear plan or scared to be visible.  They either feel everything is too difficult, don’t know where to start or don’t know the process to achieve a successful launch.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

As an introvert, afraid to ask for help, I found myself  experiencing all of these negative feelings and more!  After years of learning and thousands of pounds spent, I developed my unique 5-step FOCUSed methodology and turned my fears, overwhelm and frustration into courage, clarity, confidence and celebration as my business rocketed! 

I want the same for you.

I used the FOCUSed method to start, launch and grow 3 of my own successful businesses and realised it is the missing piece that every coach needs.  Here are some of the most common difficulties I see when clients first join me:

  • They feel disorganised or have an ad hoc approach to launching and are then tempted to give up when they don’t make sales
  • They get frustrated when trying to map their business systems because they aren’t able to see the whole picture and how it all fits together.
  • They experience fear or procrastination, and don’t know what to do or what systems to use when planning their funnels.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

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Reclaim Time In Your Day – instant access

Remove the overwhelm by learning how to reclaim time in your day.

Conquer the overwhelm of the jobs-to-do list by learning how to prioritise and manage your workload.

Learn how to say no and gain time back into your day.

When I worked inthe Corporate world, my jobs-to-do list was FIVE pages long and that was one job per line!  I would have welcomed this course then.  I never realised the power of post-it / sticky notes and learning to say “no”!

Whether you are working full time, or working from home, if you feel as though you have no time to “get stuff done” or have some quality “me” time then this course is for you.

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