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Click the image above for episode 3 of 12.  How do clients get to know you?

Client get to know you if you tell them – which means getting visible.  I know it can be daunting.  Another alternative to help clients get to know you is if someone talks about you.  They give personal recommendations. However this is only possible if you have enabled their transformation.  AND, they now want to share their experience with others. So the first option is much more viable. Listen in to find out why it is important to share what we do far and wide…

From the Ideal Client Avatar work, from season 1. episode 1, you will now know what they want, where they want to be.  Keep this desire firmly at the front of your mind when creating your message.  This is because it brings continuity and consistency for your clients.  It also brings focus for you.

I appreciate the words “Ideal Client Avatar” is very impersonal.  Therefore you may be having trouble identifying with them?  I suggest you give them a name; even add a picture from a magazine.  This is so your work so far begins to have a personality.  It is a prompt for you so don’t worry, no-one else is going to see.  As long as it is meaningful to you that is all that matters.  The aim of doing this is so you feel connected to your client.  That it is not just a paper exercise!

Having identified your ideal client you can now describe what they are feeling right now; what is their hell.  And by the same token, you can also describe where they want to get to; how they want to feel when they get there.  Their heaven.  

These are two very important pieces of information because the message your share is going to be around either, or both, of these states.  This helps the clients get to know you and look out for more of your offerings etc.

Also, having written about your ideal client from a place of alignment and flow, you will now be able to identify the words they use.  For argument’s sake, maybe some people use the word ‘goals’.  Others use ‘vision’ or ‘big why’.  Reviewing your ideal client work will show some common words, thoughts, feelings and emotions for both their current and future state.  

Being authentic in your message means you can concentrate on the message you are transmitting, rather than putting yourself under unnecessary stress to say words that don’t come naturally.  When you are first creating your message, you have enough to think about without putting yourself under undue pressure. 

It is a great advantage to come from a state of flow and once you start speaking to your client, your message will flow smoothly and you will be able to sustain the conversation with them, so you can build a relationship.  

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