Click the image above to listen to episode 4 of 12.  How do clients know you are any good?

Effectively it is by people recommending you that potential clients know you are any good. How does that happen?  Listen in to find out why it is important to under promise, over deliver and why…

When you get right down to it, this is a bit of a chicken and egg situation really.  It is necessary for clients to share how you helped them so others will come.  But, firstly, you have to have clients to be able to actually make that difference for them.  Hmmmm so where do we start with “How do clients know you are any good?”.

You might have heard of the 3Rs. Not the Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  Reach, Revenue and Reputation. This podcast is concentrating on the Reputation part.  How do we build our reputation?

When first starting up in business, as a coach, you practice your skills on willing participants. Hours are spent being very studious to make sure you do everything right. Crib sheets and guidelines are followed and learnings applied.  Everything culminates in achieving awesome results for your clients.  Success.  Absolutely fantastic. 

However more people need to know if you are any good at what you do.  How do you make this happen?

Go back to those family and friends and ask for a testimonial.  Nine times out of ten, people are very willing to help in whatever way they can. As soon as you gain testimonials for paying clients then share those instead.

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Learning to be a coach provides a wonderful set of transformational skills.  Establishing a business requires a whole different skill set.  So, having committed her working life to supporting small, medium and global enterprises, plus owning three profitable companies herself, Stephanie brings a unique combination of heart-centred coaching, mentoring and accountability to her international clients.

The Launch Your Course Academy trains hundreds of coaches, from around the world, every year, to design and launch their funnel and online courses in 30-days or less.  Stephanie shares her unique FOCUSed formula, so coaches become stars in their own business, which ultimately gives them the courage, clarity, confidence and connection with their courses and clients alike.

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