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If we are too general then our audience may not realise we are talking to them. It is great to have a niche! Listen in to find out why it is important to know who you want to work with and why…

“Like attracts like”.  Look at your own group of friends and there are, more than likely, some similarities between you and them.  Not everything, but enough to have built rapport from day one.  It is the same with clients, you will attract those that resonate with you and your story.

Often you will hear the term Ideal Client Avatar or ICA, maybe you’ve heard “Soul Mate Client”, when it comes right down to it – they are the people you want to work with and there may be a number of reasons for wanting to work with them.

Maybe you suffered a physical trauma, have survived and you don’t want others to go through what you went through.  Or is was mental trauma, or emotional one rather than a physical trauma.

Maybe you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you want to share.

What ever your reason for becoming a coach you want those people to resonate with you and you with them.

Two questions I get asked a lot

  • “who is my ideal client?”
  • “I’ve done the ideal client work but now what do I do with it?”

Well let’s start with “who is my ideal client”.

In short YOU are your ideal client, at a point previously in your life. It could be when you went through a divorce, had children, changed from a Corporate role to a self-employed role, experienced stress / anxiety / depression, experienced debt, experienced trauma / PTSD / bereavement, experienced weight gain / weight loss, suffered a severe illness, the list goes on and on.

The reason why YOU are your ideal client is because you got through that time in your life and you are out the other side. You found what worked for you and you do not want others to experience what you had to go through. Alternatively your ideal client may have the same interest as you, such as yoga, fishing, pilates, snooker, healthy eating, car mechanics, knitting, running, painting, cycling, ceramics, baking, jewellery making, a particular sport, dressmaking, computer gaming, cooking, gardening, the gym and this list also goes on and on. These are the things that you absolutely love doing and want to share your passion with others who have the same interest or want to learn about your interest.

Whatever topic you wish to coach then it is right for you. It is all about sharing your experience, your wealth of knowledge, your passion or a combination.

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